River Rising
by T.P. Jones (Author)

The Gamble
by T.P. Jones (Author)

by T.P. Jones (Author)
It is the late 1980s, and Jackson, Iowa is suffering through a year of troubles – a deep recession and severe drought. But these disasters are only the leading edge of the afflictions bearing down on the city. And as one piles on top of another, people who never questioned the settled arrangements in Jackson and never imagined rising up against the local powers-that-be now find themselves in the vanguard of reform movements, movements that, should they succeed, will change the very fabric of their lives and the social contracts under which they and their fellow citizens have lived for many years. The Loss of Certainty trilogy tells their stories.

The Gamble, Book #2 in The Loss of Certainty trilogy

A hate crime story hits the local headlines, and then is picked up by The New York Times, when a museum exhibit honoring the oldest African-American citizen of Jackson is vandalized. Reiny Kopp – the museum director now but an activist and trickster in the 1960s – wants to respond by creating a new exhibit, the history of racism in the city, but the museum board orders him to remount the one that was vandalized. Looking for a third way, Mayor Eleanor “El” Plowman proposes that the city, which has very few black citizens, develop a program to encourage more blacks to move to Jackson. The reaction in the community is powerful and immediate.

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Jackson, Book #1 in The Loss of Certainty trilogy

The Jackson Packing Company is in trouble. The old-line family-owned firm, once one of the largest in the country, now struggles merely to survive in the fiercely competitive meatpacking industry. When a major marketing agreement is cancelled, bankruptcy is imminent. More than two thousand people will lose their jobs, but the secretive company continues to avoid public scrutiny, the coming calamity known by only a few.

Assigned the job of unmasking the firm, Rachel Brandeis, an ambitious young reporter from the East Coast, spends weeks exhausting every possible resource. When at last she succeeds, however, that only signals the beginning of an attempt to save the company by selling it to its employees. To succeed, decades of animosity between company officials and the union representing most of the workers must be wiped away. At the center of the turmoil stand CEO Skip Peterson, obsessed with saving his family’s firm, and skeptical Union President Homer Budge, reluctant allies deserted by many of their former colleagues as they attempt the near impossible.

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Spring arrives not gradually but in an instant, snowmelt pouring into the tributaries and main stem of the Mississippi. ... Read more...